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About Us

Authenticity, Innovation, Quality,

Elegance and Hospitality

Creating superior-quality bread, pastry, and coffee demands specific philosophy, values, and principles.

We have built our company on solid foundations from day one, creating a unique movement that is constantly adapting with a special focus on authenticity, innovation, quality, and hospitality.

Although technology is important, our commitment to innovation goes much deeper than that.

We seek to create a new type of coffee and tea place that is bright, refined, welcoming, and cozy for our community.

L'Opera Bakery Bistro is a genuine French place, managed and operated by French chef and director.

We understand that our French traditional craft needs to evolve into a vibrant and modern style that reflects the trends of our time.

Hence, our bakery pastry café in Gulf Gate drive Sarasota is a prime example of this commitment and modernity.

Our pastry chef creates pastries and viennoiserie with an authentic French taste.

Our café is selected with commitment to freshness ; our dishes, salads, and sandwiches are made with dedication ; and our homemade macaroons, and chocolate are our surprising gifts to our customers.

Our job is our passion , every fresh item we make , it's with love , we never forget our vision even we grow.

Happiness is home made 

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